Wellness Wisdom for Women

Have you ever wondered how your biology and emotions were affecting how you're living everyday life, and if you could improve everything you're already doing to thrive?
Or perhaps you would like to discover what you can do to live better, feel better and look better?
Perhaps you’re suffering from PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids or other pelvic pain conditions, and wonder how you could interpret your body’s language to get and feel better?

Perhaps you're wanting to get pregnant, have been trying for a while, and wonder how you could interpret your body's language to understand how to put the chances on your side to get that baby you've been so much longing for?

Perhaps you're a new mom, looking to reclaim your health and wellness while taking care of your new baby?

If so then Wellness Wisdom for Women is for you!

Wellness Wisdom for Women is a way of life where I'll guide you to discover what works for you based on science and inner guidance.

As part of this course…

I’ll introduce the format once more, before we move onto the next topics, namely:

1. Your goals, desires, and goals setting for this course; incl. {Masterclass}: Make Your Health Goals A Reality 
2. Your stress management
3. The powers of the female cycle
4. Balancing your hormones naturally; incl. {Masterclasses}: Natural Solutions For Hormonal Imbalances; Optimise Your Health By Balancing Your Hormones
5. Your energy; incl. {Masterclass}: Learn To Increase Your Energy Naturally
6. Your sleep; incl. {Masterclass}: Sleep 101
7. Your beauty
8. Your nutrition; incl. {Masterclasses}: Caffeine: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly; The Case Against Sugar; Deconstructing Cravings
9. Your emotions
10. Next steps
You’ll have 1 or several videos per modules, receive handouts, audios, visualizations and meditations, anything that is needed to help you make the most out of this course. And because everything is related there will also be some cross sharing between the different topics.

As a recap, as part of the Wellness Wisdom for Women November 2018 launch for USD 197.-, you will get:

- 9 modules with 1 or several videos per module,
- handouts,
- audios,
- visualizations and meditations,
- recipes

Online Access To The Course Only

Wellness Wisdom For Women - Online Access Only $100.00

Online Access To The Course Payment in 2 equal instalments


Module 1 - Welcome Onboard

Module 2 - Goals Setting

Module 3 - Your Stress Management

Module 4 - The Powers Of The Female Cycle

Module 5 - Your Energy

Module 6 - Your Sleep

Module 7 - Your Beauty

Module 8 - Your Nutrition

Module 9 - Your Emotions

Module 10 - Next Steps


Audrey Sourroubille