IVF Support Program

Everything you need to do to improve your IVF success rates!

Have you tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant naturally, and you're now going through an IVF protocol? Are you worried that it might not work and wanting to improve your success rates? Do you want to improve your experience going through this IVF protocol, and understand what's coming up for you?

If so, you're in the right place.

With this IVF support programme, you'll get access to the following information:

  1. Synchronise your IVF preparation with your cycle: includes a breakdown of what to eat and focus on in each phase of your cycle leading to egg retrieval, to embryo transfer to implantation;
  2. Pre-egg retrieval phase: includes a visualisation to help you imagine your ovaries and uterus responding well to the IVF treatment. Suggestions are given to imagine your ovaries producing good-quality eggs and for your womb to thicken and prepare to receive the fertilised embryo(s);
  3. Embryo transfer phase: includes a visualisation to guide you into your womb to prepare it for the arrival of your embryo(s). You will be asked to imagine the embryo(s) arriving and implanting in the womb;
  4. Implantation phase: includes a visualisation to guide you to imagine a fertilised embryo(s) implanting into the thick lining of your womb.


Synchronise your IVF preparation with your cycle

Pre-Egg Retrieval Phase


Audrey Sourroubille