Health Wellness Vault bundle

Taking charge of your health requires that you learn more about what you can do to help yourself. There's so much information out there! It can be so confusing. How about finding a place where all that information has been summarised for you and presented in a way that actually helps you take action? If you like the idea, then you'll like the Lotus Power Health Health & Wellness Vault.

As part of the Health & Wellness Vault, you're getting access to:

  • 40 masterclasses (value: 1,880 USD). All the masterclasses that we have created to date AND the ones we plan to release in 2018 and 2019. You can find details of previous and future masterclasses below.
  • (4) detoxes: one for each season.

Total value for the Health & Wellness Vault is well over 2,000 USD, but you only pay 50% of it. And if you invest into a 1:1 coaching program, or into the Optimised Health & Balanced Hormones 12-month Program, the Health & Wellness Vault is my gift to you! To discover more about the different programs and which one might suit best your needs, schedule your call here.


Masterclasses topics include:

  1. Hormone balance
  2. Preparing for pregnancy
  3. Mood booster
  4. Deconstructing cravings
  5. The case against sugar
  6. Caffeine: the good, the bad and the ugly
  7. Learn how to increase your energy naturally
  8. Optimise your health by balancing your hormones
  9. Natural solutions for hormonal imbalances
  10. Make your health goals a reality
  11. Natural and permanent weight loss solutions
  12. Food allergies
  13. Make this holiday season the healthiest yet
  14. New year, new you
  15. Goal setting 101
  16. Healthy tips for couples
  17. Eat
  18. Sleep 101
  19. Learn how to stop overeating
  20. The power of mindfulness
  21. Learn how to prevent stress eating
  22. Raw and living foods
  23. Superfood, super you
  24. The art of meal prep
  25. Why meditate
  26. Preparing for pregnancy
  27. Let's talk intermittent fasting
  28. Keto 101
  29. The autoimmune matrix
  30. Think
  31. Anti-aging secrets revealed
  32. Move
  33. Go paleo

2 Payments $510.00

3 Payments $350.00

4 Payments $265.00

5 Payments $220.00


Hormone Balance Masterclass


Preparing For Pregnancy Masterclass


Mood Booster Masterclass


Deconstructing Cravings Masterclass


Caffeine Masterclass


The Case Against Sugar MasterClass


Natural Solutions for Hormone Balance MasterClass


Make Your Health Goals A Reality MasterClass



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