Beautify You Year End Celebrations

Beautify You: Get Your Glow On To Celebrate In Style This Year End!

Are you ready to be your most radiant, gorgeous and confident self this Christmas and New Year?
Are you ready to prep yourself in a healthy way with pre-Christmas nutrition so you can put aside all the guilt and shame during this festive period and simply enjoy the festivities with gusto?

In this live online workshop, Audrey and Léa will talk to you about how to get your natural glow from the inside out and outside in to celebrate in style!

Xmas is a time of indulgence. We eat too much, drink too much and often do not exercise enough. Most of us then feel guilty during this time as a result of this. Not only that, we actually end up feeling and looking sluggish too.

Then, there are all the parties to go to, which makes us panic over what to wear…

“I’m too short, too curvy, too skinny, too xyz”

“What the hell should I wear?”

That’s often what’s going through our heads through the year end celebrations. Not that it might not be something that goes through it as well the rest of the year, but still, the year end celebrations are often associated with being shiny, sparkling, and glowing, and that’s what we want to help you emphasise.

But fear not! We have decided to help you kick all these stressful moments and guilty feelings to the curb this year and have come up with an amazing, value packed mini course to help you!

Kick stress to the curb, and get your glow on!

It’s time to get your glow on from the inside out and outside in to celebrate in style.

What will be covered in the online workshop?

  • Nutrition and food that give you a boost for glowing and radiant skin, more energy, greater health and happier moods
  • Improvement of skin quality, elasticity and any blemishes, as well as diminish wrinkles
  • Hormonal balance so that you don’t only look amazing, but feel amazing too
  • Outfits and styles to wear over the festive period considering your body shape, size, height and of course who you are as a person. (This is super important, and often underlooked as Style is individual)

You are what you eat

We all heard about it, yet there’s a lot to consider with regards to what to eat. Our own bio-individuality and genes for example. Because of course, we’re all different, and what matters is to to find what works for us individually.

You are also what you put on your skin

In fact, two of the most important things Audrey discovered on her journey to health & wellbeing, and that she shares with her clients, is that:

#1) There are toxic chemicals in our beauty products and our bodies

#2) Small exposures can create BIG harm.

Because we want you to feel empowered with the beauty products you’re using, and make sure that they’re enhancing the work you’re doing with your nutrition, we’ll also talk about this in our online workshop.

Your health, body, beauty and emotions are ruled by hormones

Because our health and beauty are ruled by hormones, we’ll also touch on that. So that you’re not only left glowing but feeling amazing too!

Through nutrition, hormonal balance and the right beauty products (and no, it won’t be the ones that you think!) you can totally change your skin, the condition of it, structure and elasticity, which will leave you looking and feeling not only younger but also healthier.

Celebrate in style!

Now, what about your style?

Have you ever wondered how certain people always look so effortlessly put together whether they are dressed up or even dressed down?
Have you ever wondered what styles suit your body shape, so you can feel more confident in your own body and clothes?

Imagine what it would be like to never have a “I have nothing to wear” moment ever again. Imagine opening a wardrobe full of clothes that make you feel amazing, are in the correct colour palette for you, reflect your personality, lifestyle, goals, dreams, aspirations and are simply allowing you to be the best version of yourself every single day.

This is where we want you to get to. And the start to this is this online workshop.

How do I participate?

All you need to do is join our 3h online workshop on the 10th of December, 7pm UK time / 8pm CET time / 11am PST / 2pm PST (yes you’ll get a replay and can send us your questions for the love Q&A session if you can’t make it live!) and we will teach you everything we know to help you look and feel the most radiant this year and, of course, you can then continue to apply all of these learnings in everyday life.

Come and join us for a value packed 3 hours including (1) LIVE Q & A session with both our experts Audrey & Léa for only $47.00

What if I need more support?

If you would like to take this one step further and get some 1-2-1 tailored expert support then you can sign up for this special package where for only 297$ you will receive the mini course FOR FREE. This package includes:

#1) The mini course (value: $47)

#2) Get Your Glow On Strategy Package with Audrey (value: $350)
This package includes:
   (1) Nutrition, lifestyle and hormones assessments
   (1) eBook with personalised recommendations based on the assessments
   (1) Seasonal recipes book
   (1) 60-min call with Audrey to discuss the recommendations and any questions you have, recorded, so that you can go back to it

#3) Get Your Style On Strategy Package with Léa (value: $350)
This package includes:
   (1) Body Shape Analysis
   (1) Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe 90-min call with Léa

Get Access To The Masterclass & Q&A sessions

Masterclass AND Individualised Support $297.00

Get Access To The Masterclass & Q&A sessions (our GIFT to you as part of this package), as well as 1-on-1 strategy support calls with both Audrey & Léa: - Get Your Glow On Strategy Package with Audrey - Get Your Style On Strategy Package with Léa


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Individualised Support (If Option Chosen)


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